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Dear Dr. Bruksch & staff

      Thank you for making what would normally be a terrifying experience such a delightfully pleasant one!  Everyone from check-in to check-out was very professional and personable.  Sarah was especially attentive and I appreciate everything you did to make my visit as comfortable as possible. 

Warm regards,

– Leslie E.


OMS Office,

   Last week I was at your office to have a tooth implant started.   I did not have to wait very long, and everyone was very pleasant.   Even my original consult appointment was casual, yet professional.  Dr. Bruksch was professional and pleasant as well.  I will definitely recommend anyone that needs any special dental attention to your office.  I am looking forward to working with you and my dentist,  to finishing a successful tooth implant.

 – Aimee A.



I want to thank you for making my visit extremely comfortable. I truly appreciated how kind

and understanding both you and your assistant (wish I could remember her name) were to me.

Being as pain free as this was, I was truly shocked. With all the information I was given, I felt

very informed regarding the aftercare, and knowing I could call anytime if any problems were

to arise, made be feel very happy.. I have had no pain, swelling, excessive bleeding..and I feel I am healing extremely fast.

Thank you so much.

– Mary B.



My experience with Dr. Matthew Bruksch was wonderful – He was very professional, knowledgeable and experienced.  I was very satisfied with the care I was given in an emergency situation.

The receptionist and all the ladies in the office were great and very helpful as well.  I would recommend to all my friends that need help with dental problems.

Thanks to all for your help.

 – Faye R.

I did want to personally thank you for doing such an outstanding job with my extractions. I had absolutely no pain and no problems what so ever. I will actually be mailing a thank you card to your office. I honestly couldn’t have had a better oral surgeon. Thank you so much!

– Danielle H.

My experience with Dr. Bruksch was excellent. He is very professional, informative, kind and most of all empathetic, which in my case was needed extremely.

 Thank you Dr. Bruksch for making this such a pleasant experience…

 Liz B.


My son Clayton’s visit went very smooth having all four wisdom teeth taken out.  He only used one pain killer for that evening.  His procedure was done on thurs, & he went back to College the following Saturday.  He feels fine…his jaw is a little sore, but I made sure he let’s me know if there is any unusual pain.  So far no text’s from him.

Thank You Very Much

And a special shout out to Dr Bruksch.  Clay really liked him!

– Denise C.


Dr. Bruksch did an excellent job.  He took time to explain what would take place and what I could expect.  The staff was very friendly and answered all my questions without acting like I was taking up their time.

 Douglas B.


It has been one week since you performed an extraction procedure on me and I am feeling quite good. There was overall jaw and head pain the night of the procedure but after a good nights sleep with the help of the pain meds I woke up feeling very little pain.  Thank you for the work you did and the care in which it was done. The staff was very nice and I will certainly recommend your services if that situation should arise. Have a great day! 

– Jonathon M.


To whom it may concern,

 My name is Jayme S. I recently had two surgical procedures done by Dr. Matthew Bruksch. I am so grateful to have him as oral surgeon. His staff and team treat you like family when you walk into their office and will do whatever it takes to help you; Whether it be, with your insurance company or your procedure. I highly recommend Dr. Matthew Bruksch and staff to anyone! Thank you so much for what you have done for me.


                                             Jayme S.


On Thursday, Feb. 11th I had a tooth pulled by Dr. Bruksch. Just like to say “Thank You” again to Dr. Bruksch and to his assistant who I believe was a Mrs. Stone.  There was virtually no pain, they were both very friendly and very professional, and also very respectful. Even though I was given some pain pills, I actually took none at all after the extraction since the pain really was never that bad.

My jaw seems to be healing up quite well and I don’t believe there will be any complications at all.

Thanks again.

– Jim S.

Thank you very much.  Overall it was a pleasant experience.  I was very nervous coming in to have the procedure done.  The nurse and the dentist were very reassuring and did a good job of calming me down.  The procedure itself went great.   The Dr did an amazing job and I had no pain during it.  Overall I rate my experience a 10.  Thank you guys very much and I would definitely refer other people to OMS.  Ladies at the front desk were also very good and helpful.  Everyone was very knowledgeable about everything.  Again thank you.

– Nathan D.


I had a great experience on the day of procedure. The office staff, and yourself, were kind, gentle, and set the expectations clearly. I couldn’t have asked for more with the take home bag of post procedure essentials. The follow up phone call was an unexpected delight, I was doing just fine.  Thanks again for making me feel content and reassured on the day of procedure and thereafter, I’ll be sure to share my experience. I look forward to a visit soon. 

Kind regards,

– Nora M.


Thought Dr. Bruksch did an excellent job . No pain and everything went smooth with no problems .   Thank you .   

– Dave L.


Jake and Mom had a good experience with you.

Jake has recovered and handled everything like a trooper. 

Thanks for taking care of Mom when she got a bit dizzy!

Tami and Jake G.


Dr. Bruksch,

Anna did very well and as I said earlier,  My other 2 kids that you did their wisdom teeth with no problems, so we expected this would go smoothly as well.  Thank you again and I will be sure to refer you to all my friends with kids that need their wisdom teeth out!

Have a wonderful day,

Terri S.

Thank you so much for the great care you gave Christina. She is doing great! No post op problems at all. She is back to her normal self and following your post op instructions to a tee. Thank you again for all your great care and your nurse, I believe Bianca.. (Boylan grad)..  My daughter enjoyed both of you immensely. And of course I will go on line and share our positive experience.  Thanks again.

– Joanie C.

Keaton is glad to have it all behind him now but his experience was as pleasant as it could be.  He said that you calmed his nerves about the iv and the nurse was kind and funny.

Thank you for taking good care of him.

– Laura P.


Dr  Bruksch    Thank You for the clear information on what to expect.  The procedure was almost painless.  I did appreciate you pulling the tooth so soon after seeing you.   Thanks again…

– Lyle R


You are incredible!  I was eating chips and salsa, albeit quite carefully, the very next day.  I will share reviews everywhere.  

– Hank R.


I think you did a great job with the extraction.  I had minimal pain the first two days and not a lot of swelling or bruising.  

– Patty G.

I wanted to thank you as well as your wonderful staff for helping give me my smile back (without a retainer).  I know it was a long journey, at least for me it seemed like forever, but I really appreciate the care that you gave me.  Not just that you placed my implant for me and it seems to have been done very well, but that I could sense that you really care for you patients and really strive to do a great job.  Your partnering with my dentist as well through this process for me really made it a good experience, or at least as good as I feel it could have been given the work that needed to be done.    I’m on the home stretch now just waiting for the implant to fully heal in so I can get my permanent crown!

Thanks again for everything and for ensuring my dental work was done correctly.

Jordan S.

Thank you, so much for the surgery.  It was a blessing.  You did a great job on fixing my jaw.  

– Tylor J.

It was a very good experience.  The pain was minimal and the recovery has been very good. 

Thank you for your professionalism and please extended my gratitude to the staff who so diligently attended me. 
– David P.

Dear Dr Bruksch and Staff,

Thank you for making a dreaded appointment a more pleasant experience than anticipated. After the tooth extraction, there was hardly any pain at all. Everything seems to be healing fine.

Again Thanks!

Harlenea S.


     I was thoroughly impressed with Dr. Bruksch, and his staff.  I greatly appreciate their expertise and professionalism, and will recommend them highly to my co-workers, friends, and family.

James P.


Wonderful job! Very patient with our 13 year old. Would highly recommend.

Samantha W.


Dr. Bruksch,

Thank you so much for doing such a great job with our son Zach!  He had a lot of difficult wisdom teeth and I couldn’t be more pleased that you were the doctor removing them!  I felt confident that he was in good, professional and knowledgeable hands and I felt at ease that you were the doctor performing the surgery especially since it was a difficult surgery with those difficult wisdom teeth!  I appreciated the follow up call you made to us that night with any questions or concerns!  Your staff was excellent!  Thank you so much!

Carrie B.


I could not be more satisfied with the care and expertise afforded me by Dr. Bruksch. Explanations and considerations for my care, pain level and genuine compassion were exceptional. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Bruksch to anyone requiring oral surgery.

Patrick M

I was truly moved by the care and passion l received from Dr Bruksch and the nurse who was assisting him and his whole staff. L was really scared but they made it ask painless as they could. Thank you caring and l will be back for sure.

  • Deborah Thomas


Josh’s experience with having his teeth out at ROMS was awesome.  Your entire staff was friendly, smiling and professional.  Our nurse was so kind and caring and checked on Josh frequently and helped me walk him to the vehicle afterwards. I felt as if Josh was in great hands and care the entire time we were there.   The fact that you called the night of the extraction was very nice. Thank you for calling afterwards.

 Josh has had zero complications, the healing went just as you indicated it would, by Monday that he would be turning the corner.  

 Also, including the medications in his bag of supplies was very helpful and appreciated.

 Thank you for taking care of my son in a most professional caring manner. 

  • Jackie W.


 I had a wonderful experience with all of your staff and also you as the doctor during my visit. I would especially like to thank Wendy for all the work that she did prior to my coming in for my appointment. I would definitely recommend you if anyone asked.

Thank you!

  • Lacy M.


Everything went as smooth as silk. All employees made me feel very welcome and comfortable. Everything was well explained and all my questions were asked to my understanding and satisfaction. I would happily recommend Dr. Bruksch to anyone who needed your services.

  • Lynn M.

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